Thanks to a powerful simulation environment and customizable assets, WMTS rappresenta l’ultima frontiera della didattica, dove i futuri D.O.S. (Direttore Operazioni Spegnimento) possono essere addestrati in un mondo virtuale, in grado di rappresentare fedelmente tutte le dinamiche principali degli incendi boschivi.

A panoramic view

Grazie a 3 monitor da 50″, il simulatore/serious game WMTS regala una visione panoramica dell’ambiente virtuale, permettendo allo studente D.O.S. di osservare l’intero panorama in qualunque momento, con un angolo di visuale vicino a quello dell’occhio umano.

It is also possible to adapt the simulator to the most modern Virtual Reality, allowing an immersive simulation VR.

A Tutor able to drive the simulation

The tutor, using a second computer, will be able to literally pilot the simulation, thus being able to create ever new dynamics in the virtual environment. Features such as repositioning the DOS learner in the map, creating and managing means of intervention, changing the weather and time,  instant fire generation, and many others. The speed of the simulation is also a parameter that can be set by the tutor, allowing the speed of propagation of the flames and means of intervention to be adjusted.
The simulation can also be "rewinded" like a recording, thus allowing for more advanced teaching.

Advanced fire simulation

The WMTS physics engine allows a faithful simulation of the spread of the fire. Using parameters such as wind direction and speed, it will be possible to heavily influence the dynamics related to fire and smoke. 

A preview shows the geometry that the fire will have, making it more intuitive. Fire is also influenced by the surface or "cell" on which it is burning, and by the weather conditions that can be set.

Customizable maps

The WMTS maps are extremely vast, covering several tens of square kilometers and can be imaginary or faithfully reproduce real places. These maps, in turn, are inserted in a wider context of hundreds of square kilometres, allowing the flying vehicles to orient themselves also thanks to the surrounding landscape.
Creating customized maps for the customer, real or virtual, is one of the true strengths of WMTS

Advanced graphics and custom vehicles

The vehicles inside the simulator can be customized. In addition to adding logos of various institutions, it is possible to fulfill the customer's requests and create from 0 specific vehicles which are not already part of our vast vehicle sector. Each version of WMTS will therefore be entirely dedicated to the scenarios requested when ordering. Seeing these vehicles move and intervene in a modern and advanced graphic environment has a great educational value thanks to the strong involvement of the learner.

Dynamic weather

The tutor has the power, thanks to an intuitive control panel, to dynamically control the weather conditions. In addition to the wind direction and intensity already listed, it is possible to vary in real time the cloudiness of the sky, the density of the fog, the glare produced by the sun's rays and the time in which the simulation takes place. All these settings are then reflected in the virtual world, having repercussions, as well as graphics, in the development of the fire.
You can also adjust the transparency of the smoke produced by the fire.

An immersive vision thanks to Virtual Reality

The simulator is based on latest generation commercial hardware, the same used in video games. These specifications guarantee one of the most modern and effective teaching methods for D.O.S.

There are two desktop setups:
– Computer Unità D.O.S.;
– Computer Tutor Unit.

D.O.S. unit:
– Compass functionality;
– Binoculars functionality;
- Freedom of movement.

*Possibility to use 3 x 65″ 4k monitors or VR headsets.


Teaching Unit:
– Freedom of rapid movement;
– Creation and movement management of vehicles;
– Possibility of piloting the vehicles;
– Advanced fire creation and management;
– Wind management;
– Real-time weather control
– Start, Pause and rewind the simulation;
– Repositioning of the learners;
– Access to the view of the learner and the vehicles;
– Possibility to save the created exercise;
– Other advanced features.

A collection of texts and models used for fire simulation in WMTS “Wildfire Management Training System”.

A short brochure of WMTS



Our hardware and our simulation environment, thanks also to the considerable amount of assets generated over the years and  to our ability to always create new ones, are particularly flexible to customer requests. 

Creating completely new simulators, starting from our graphics engine, is a task that is perfectly within our capabilities. In addition to the hardware listed above, it is possible to interface with almost any type of peripheral, from the steering wheel to the joystick, passing through the most disparate controllers.