Thanks to a powerful simulation environment and customizable assets, ICARUS represents the last frontier of teaching, where future air traffic controllers can be trained in a virtual world, capable of representing all the main dynamics of air traffic management.

A panoramic view

Grazie a 3 monitor da 50″, il simulatore/serious game ICARUS, offre una visione panoramica dell’ambiente virtuale, permettendo allo studente  di osservare l’intero panorama in qualunque momento, con un angolo di visuale vicino a quello dell’occhio umano.

It is also possible to adapt the simulator to the most modern virtual reality headsets, allowing an immersive simulation VR.

A Tutor able to drive the simulation

The tutor, using a second computer, will be able to literally pilot the simulation, thus being able to create ever new dynamics in the virtual environment. Features such as creation and management of vehicles and aircraft, change of weather and time, and many others. Vehicle control can be delegated to other workstations during the simulation or the tower radar can be viewed, allowing other learners to actively participate in the simulation.
The simulation can also be "rewinded" like a recording, thus allowing for more advanced teaching.

Advanced Radar

Particular care has been taken in the development of an Advanced Radar, as complete and realistic as possible, which respects the real training needs.
The development of radar and the “PAR” (Precision Approach Radar) has been accomplished with the “R.A.C.S.A” (Reparto Addestramento Controllo Spazio Aereo) of the "Pratica di Mare" military airport (LIRE).
The functions attributed to the Radar can be completely customized by the tutor, by the radar operator and by the same pilots participating in the simulation.

Customizable maps

The maps of ICARUS they are extremely vast, covering several tens of square kilometers and can be imaginary or faithfully reproduce real places. These maps, in turn, are inserted in a wider context of hundreds of square kilometres, allowing the flying vehicles to orient themselves also thanks to the surrounding landscape.
Creating personalized maps for the customer, real or virtual, is one of the true strengths of ICARUS.

Advanced graphics and custom vehicles

The vehicles inside the simulator can be customized. In addition to the liveries of the various airlines, it is possible to satisfy customer requests and create specific vehicles from scratch . ICARUS it will therefore be entirely dedicated to the scenarios requested in the order phase. Seeing these vehicles move and take off in a modern and advanced graphic environment has great educational value thanks to the strong involvement of the learner.

ICARUS per la manifestazione aerea per il centenario dell'Aeronautica Militare

Aeroporto militare Mario de Bernardi di Pratica di Mare

The simulator is based on latest generation commercial hardware, the same used in video games. These specifications guarantee one of the most modern and effective teaching methods for future air traffic controllers.

There are two desktop setups:
– Control Tower Unit Computer;
– Computer Pilots;
– Computer Radar;
– Computer PAR;
– Light and Weather Management Computer;
– Computer Tutor Unit.

– Multiple pilots connected simultaneously in the simulation;
– Advanced Radar features;
– Advanced PAR features;
– Weather management functionality;
– Airport lighting management;
– Reproduction of real or imaginary airports;
– Large expandable aircraft compartment;
– Control tower simulation.*

*Possibility to use 3 x 65″ 4k monitors or VR headsets.


Teaching Unit:

– Freedom of rapid movement;
– Creation and movement management of aircraft;
– Ability to fly aircraft;
– Real-time weather control
– Start, Pause and rewind the simulation;
– Aircraft assignment to the pilot;
– Access to learner and aircraft view;
– Possibility to save the created exercise;
– Other advanced features.

Download Brochure

A short brochure of ICARUS



Our hardware and our simulation environment, thanks also to the considerable amount of assets generated over the years and  to our ability to always create new ones, are particularly flexible to customer requests. 

Creating completely new simulators, starting from our graphics engine, is a task that is perfectly within our capabilities. In addition to the hardware listed above, it is possible to interface with almost any type of peripheral, from the steering wheel to the joystick, passing through the most disparate controllers.